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Support The Museum


Individual support helps finance the accession of vulnerable textile artifacts of historical significance, and allows for their preservation and interpretation. Your contributions make a large and lasting impact to a small institution like ours.


Your gift will directly impact the preservation of this shared cultural resource, and ensure perpetual radical accessibility to all. Accessibility will remain our guiding principle, permanently at the forefront of our institutional objectives, regardless of social or educational circumstances, or institutional affiliations. Cultural heritage belongs to all of us.

There are many ways to give...


Whether it's a one time donation or a recurring monthly gift, donating is one of the most impactful ways to help support the museum's mission and growth. Donating provides the necessary resources needed to maintain the collection, helps create new educational resources, and so much more. The Merchant Tailor Museum is a 501(c)3 organization, and all contributions are tax deductible. Please consider making us part of your yearly charitable contributions!

Artifact & Materials Donation

Help with the growth of the museum's holdings by donating textile artifacts from your collection, and in turn creating greater accessibility for all. Donating preservation materials is another wonderful way to support the collection. Reach out via our contact form to inquire about an approved list of preservation materials or to let us know if you have a garment you'd like to donate.

Digital Loans

The Merchant Tailor Museum stewards a digital loan program that allows collectors and institutions to share their garments via our online platform, while maintaining ownership and collections credit. We hope to create an ever-growing database of artifacts and become a centralized location for research and scholarship.



- Contact us to explore possible educational and support opportunities between The Merchant Tailor Museum and your humanities and arts institutions.

-Become a corporate sponsor of The Merchant Tailor Museum and make us a part of your corporation's mission to give back to your community.

- Make The Merchant Tailor Museum part of your estate planning.

- Sign up for our email list.


- Share and engage with our posts on Facebook, Instagram, and elsewhere on social media.


- Use our resources and credit us in your research projects.


- Reproduce garments within the collection and use them as educational and interpretive tools.


- Support our corporate and institutional partners.


- Advocate for humanities and arts organizations publicly and at the ballot box.

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