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Cotton Check Frock Coat

  • Catalog #: CL13

    Date range: 1845-1855

    Country of origin: United States

    Accession date: 1-6-2023

    From the Larry Kelsey Collection

  • Originally cut as a single breasted coat and was sized down and converted into double breasted.

    The resize & convert project was done by moving buttons over and taking matching buttons from the rear of the coat and moving them to the front.

    Completely hand sewn, primarily done with loose half back stitch and simple whip stitches. Crude, messy hand sewing.

    Typical 3 piece body with 2 piece skirt/tail. Collar is 2 pieces, seamed at center.

    Hand applied cotton/linen braided cord around front, collar, cuffs, breast pocket, and skirt back. Pocketbags are lightweight printed cotton.

    Split cuff. Cloth was a rich blue, has faded to green. Tibi sewn onto back.

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