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Indigo Tailcoat Belonging To Dr. Geo. Hayward

  • Catalog #: CT004

    Date range: 1845-1852

    Country of origin: United States

    Provenance: Identified to Dr. Geo. Hayward

    Accession date: 3-16-2023

    A generous gift from Adam Coman

  • Coat is made from a super-fine, indigo dyed, english broadcloth. Tightly woven with smooth finish, with deep luster. Silk velvet collar, with mid-weight twill lining in a medium gray. Buttons are gold gilt, with acid etched faces, the rear reading: D. Evans & Co., Attleboro Mass. Garment is tailor made, and is likely one of the finest garments within the collection, both in construction and craftsmanship as well as condition. 


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