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Pina Cloth Frock Coat

  • Catalog #: CL014

    Date range: 1860-1868

    Country of origin: United States

    Accession date: 3-19-2022

    From the Ian McWherter Collection

  • The coat is a standard six piece body with four piece collar and single piece sleeves. The tapered skirt and lapel is indicative of mid - late 1860's cut. Entierly hand sewn using a fine, beige, silk thread. Coat is made from a finely woven pineapple fiber, likely produced in the Phillipines. Rear tail pockets are of a mid-weight, twilled cotton. Buttons are self covered buttons over lightweight wooden disk. Coat was likely produced within the Phillipines and brought back to the U.S. sometime in the mid-late 1860's.


    Construction and material notes coming soon. Click HERE to request additional information, photographs, or other details related to this garment.

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