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Be part of the museum experience by directly supporting the digitization and preservation of your favorite garments

Sponsor A Garment


What does it mean to sponsor a garment?

The Merchant Tailor Museum, provides a unique opportunity for individuals and businesses to sponsor garments within the collection as a way to help bring additional information, photos, and patterns for each garment to the public. Through generous sponsorships, we are able to acquire the necessary resources needed for conservation work which aid in bringing these garments to life, and allowing us to share them for generations to come. 

How does it work?

We offer four different tiers of sponsorship: "Bronze", "Silver", "Gold", and "Platinum." Each garment has up to  $1,000.00 worth of sponsorships. This covers the cost additional photography, the gathering of detailed material and construction notes, and once the full sponsorship is met, a free downloadable pattern of the garment. 

When you sponsor a particular garment, your name or organization will be added to the garment's information page, allowing others to see the important assistance that you provide in helping create an expansive public resource. 

Once a garment has been fully sponsored, sponsorship opportunities will close for that garment and those sponsors will be connected with their chosen pieces in perpetuity.

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How do I Sponsor a Garment?

Sponsoring a garment is easy, simply click the "Sponsor This Garment" button at the bottom of a garment's individual page. Fill out the form, submit your sponsorship donation, and we will do the rest. Anyone can sponsor a garment, and there is no limit to how many you can support.

All sponsorships are tax deductible! 

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